Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life is Beautiful.

Actually I wrote this as note in Facebook. And I would like to share it here.

Newly-wed couple (including us 3 years back) when being asked, 'Best tak kahwin?' or 'Ok ke semua?', the common answers for sure will be....'Best gilerrrrr'....'Yesssssla of course' (nada gatal gitu).....especially to those who just came back from honeymoon trip and of course still in honeymoon mood (including us too) ....hahaha.
Sun shining.....stars blooming everywhere....I love You, You love Me being mentioned every seconds, you know that kind of feelings.

But as time goes by, from only two persons living in a house, than it becoming three, four and so on. That is when the REAL CHALLENGES will come and say 'Hi'......and in a spilt second you can see the REAL person of who your partner is. It can be seen in every angle...hehehe...

BUTTTT, please bear in mind, without CHALLENGES, life would be boring, stagnant or invaluable because married life is all about FAMILY and RESPONSIBILITIES without being paid any single cent.

And remember, as a muslim we have ALLAH SWT. Protect our relationship with ALLAH and ALLAH will protect us. In Shaa Allah.

After all, we need to support each other through thick and thin. Embrace every moment together with our significant other and we will find the happiness that cannot be changed with anything else. You would not know the feelings until you experience it.

To those who are still single, correct your 'niat' and pray to ALLAH SWT to send you your other half.

p/s : I wrote this without any intention to put negative thoughts about married life. Neither complaining about my life nor saying bad about other's life. All this came from the bottom of my heart and each one of us has different points of view.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, my husband and I are happy together with the presence of 'Ahli Syurga',
Muhammad Azfar.
Every single day, I would pray to ALLAH SWT to protect us as a family. Thank You ALLAH.

Azilawati bt Mohammed Kamil a wife to Zairin Shah b Ahmad Suhaimi and a mother to Muhammad Azfar b Zairin Shah.

p/s :1. Instead of using the word problem, I prefer to use the word challenge.
       2. Sorry if there are any grammer mistakes. Anyone is welcome to correct me.

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