Friday, January 4, 2013

Homeschool Activity : Taking Care of A Pet

Actually Azfar wanted a fish but when he saw a rabbit, he wants that...'Bunny...bunny'. I totally disagree with him but of course I explained to him in a nicest way ever.

Me : 'Azfar you cannot have this bunny as your pet because it has furs. You are allergic to furs  sayang.'
Azfar : ...still standing in front of the cage while staring at the bunny. Not moving even for an inch.....
Me : 'Anyway, uncle said they don't sell this and the cage is lock....kan uncle kan' (sambil kenyit-kenyit mata)

Then I showed him a group of tortoise....ahaaa. I was excited but not him. I was excited because tortoise is an animal that is very easy to take care of and 'tahan lasak' but he was like....'eerghhhhh runnnn....'

I took one of the tortoise and asked him to hold but from far I can hear him screaming... ' Ammi noooo'.
Laaaaa takut ka???

Hahaha.....whatever it is, I bought 1 set of the tortoise for RM 13.00. On the way back home, I have to hang it behind while he sat in front. He still refused to hold the cage or even getting near the tortoise.  At home I tried few times to let him to be nice with his new pet but he still refused.


surprise...surprise, that night on the same day he started to love his new pet already. He can now hold the cage and kiss the cage as if kissing that tortoise.

Me : 'What animal is this sayang?'
Azfar : 'Toti'
Me : 'What is his name?'
Azfar : 'Toti'
Me : 'Okay...that's good enough'

So it is official now that the name of the tortoise is Mr Toti.

Azfar : 'Hai...this is my new pet, Mr Toti'

From now on his daily routine is to clean the cage, change the water and feed Toti. Of course it has to be done under my supervision. If it is not,...ohhhh just I don't want to imagine what will happen.

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