Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kembali ke Zaman Kanak-Kanak Riang

During the longgggg School Break recently, my nieces and nephews 'balik kampung' to spend their holidays. It was for 5 days 4 nights only. And the 'kampung' is in Shah Alam..... the word 'kampung' sounds so far far parents house. The house where the three of us is staying too. 

Eidlan is not joining....sob...sob...sob because he had asthma attack few days before and is still under supervision by both of his parents. Qaleesya? She's too small to join the 'tunggang langgang' group. Minimum age is 2 years++.

So here they are, including Azfar. Pity Azfar because he himself sometimes get isolated by them. Yang lain-lain dah besar, jadi ada je la aktiviti yang tak boleh ngam. Dan Azfar pun kadang-kadang cranky tak tentu pasal.....biasalah. If that situation happened, Nina as the eldest among them will be the rescuer. 

Another thing, my nieces and nephews have their own 'partner'. It goes like this,

Nina & Qistina
Hakeem & Eidlan
Elina & Eiman

Azfar & ??

Nobody!! The youngest is Qaleesya and she is still too small for his age. That is why he is always being left out....hahahaha. Nasib badan.

The first activity that they had was hide & seek. The house was like sooo noisy with them screaming and shouting but I found it fun and exciting.

Below pic is Hakeem. The biggest among all and he managed to find a strategic spot to hide.....under the sofa. It was the longest hiding because none of them could ever think that he would be under there....hahahaha....good job.

In this activity, Azfar did not want to hide and will be just standing near their hiding spot. Kantoilah sayang oiii.

Second activity was 'Teng-teng' . It was my very own idea because I remembered Azfar's washable crayon. When I start to scribbled on the floor they were so panic as if it is the end of the world.

'Uchu conteng atas lantai!!'

'Uchu, boleh hilang ke ni?'

I was being attacked with questions in panic tone....hahahaha so cute. Then when I do the magic by erasing the drawing using baby wipes, they get even excited.

' hilang laaaa'

A minute after that, I can see more and more scribbles being done

Okay, enough of scribbling. Let's start the game. We drew the box together. And at the same time, Azfar also wants to draw the with 'senget-benget' lines.

They were quite pissed off with Azfar especially Eiman and Elina because whenever the object is thrown in the 'teng-teng'  box, Azfar will take and run away with it. They were distracted with his action.
 At one time, I can see Eiman's 'bestnya-kalau-dapat-tumbuk' face expression.....

The third activity is swimming.
This young man can wait and was extremely excited to go to the swimming session on the next day. He does not want to let go the goggle and has been wearing it all night. 

'Apa cuming' (Azfar swimming)

It was fun and of course they had fun.

Excluding myself because I tripped in front of the sitting crowd while holding on Azfar's hand who is about to trip and at the end both of us stumbled on the slippery floor....yuckkkssss.....arghhhhh.....end of the story.

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