Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homeschool Activity : A Visit to The Wet Market

A Visit to The Wet Market.

My routine to the wet market is always on Saturdays morning. Most of the time it would be me alone. But on last Saturday, I was accompanied by this young man because he woke up at the time where I was about to leave the house. As usual, everytime he saw me in tudung, he will say, 'Nak lalan' (nak jalan-jalan).

So I grabbed this chance to expose him to one of the house chores. Actually it was his second visit but the first one didn't turned out well because of his crankiness. Before I left the house, I was hoping he will enjoy his visit.

Pushing the trolley with all his strength.

Folding up the trolley.

What he learned :
1. To be helpful.
By helping me to push the trolley.

2. Be good to others.
Possibility to hit others while pushing the trolley in a crowded place is very high.
Be polite and say sorry. 
Azfar : 'Chowi...' (Sorry)

3.  Sensory skill

He got to touched the fishes, squids, prawns, crabs, chickens, vegetables and fruits.
(For example : choosing squids and prawns together and put in the basket)

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