Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boleh blaa....

I'm so tired's actually mentally exhausted. but there's sumthing dat i really need to xpress here..only in this blog. nobody could ever be a gud listener to me as this blog does now (skrg ni jer, coz usually i have my darling but at the time this blog is written, he's a lil' bit bz with his work).
Talking bout me life is full will colors and it depends on us whether to fill it with bright colors(happiness,honesty,loving etc) or dull colors(misery,envy etc). i learned sumthing today n it had tought me wut life is all about. U wanna know wut is is how to face someone who is so 'gila kuasa', outspoken, immature and get too big for one's boots. My way to handle this is just be myself and 'who cares' (boleh bla la n malas nak layan). I'm sick n tired of this kind of person.
Anyone who has any better way to handle this?

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  1. Cheng cheng cheng!
    Nice blog.
    Blog is the nicest place to express your anger:)