Monday, March 16, 2009

At last..... last i managed to set up my own blog. It wasn't that i don't know about the existence but there was some kind of feeling that stopped me of doin so. when my frenz invited me to set up my own blog, i gave them 1001 excuses....a common excuse~ becoz i was still using dial-up at that time(hahaha malu i nak mengaku) n u know how slow it is(even snail can move faster than that) n it wasn't becoz that im anti-latest technology. It was juz that i don't surf much internet at home so y waste my money paying the monthly fees ~ n there's no much left from my monthly earning after i have deducted the expenses.
But everything changed when i started my p/time study..e-pjj(elektronik pendidikan jarak jauh).
hidup mati ngan w/site die aje. i got fed up with the dial-up but still using it during the 1st semester until bout a month ago (now in 2nd semester) when my level of 'fed up' has gone to the max point...hehehe....i mengadu ngan my darling(sblm ni jual mahal ble die dh offer dlu) n in a split second i got my streamyx(with the help from Nabil too..ble lg nk pergunekan die kn).
The main reason y i 'at last managed to set up my own blog' is becoz i wanted to share my wedding prep n all my 'mixed up' feelings with everyone out there. ...till then...

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