Thursday, April 2, 2009

cik gigi...cik gigi...

The most annoying radio adv eva..cik gigi...cik gigi...and then repeat again cik gigi..cik the creator of the iklan, if u eva read this, i juz want u to know that i (in fact i believed all of us on this planet plus the other planets too) felt irritated by the iklan...ewwww.

Actually i wanna talk bout my swollened gum that i had for the past 3 days n i tot it would be ok by today but unfortunately it did not(even worst) so i've decided to leave the office early to see the dentist. Nutting serious, maybe there was juz a cut earlier due to tulang ikan ker tulang ayam ker or ape2 je la. That was y it was so painful but it should be ok if i take the antibiotic as recommended.

Since the consultation was so short,so i've decided to do scaling (1st step nak bersihkan gigi sblm kawen nh). While the dentist was doing it, he sempat lg comment on my tooth.

dentist: "gigi kamu ni bersimpang-siur la."
me : ..giggled jer la...(dlm hati: hampeh tol doc ni)
dentist: "satu ni ke depan,pas2 ke blkg plak,pas2 yg ni ke depan lg.
me : " style skit doc. manis kte org"...huahuahua.
dentist: "kamu cubalah pakai braces"..
me : " oh nk promote rupenye" ckp dlm hati jela.

But the dentist's intention was for my own good but what to do...'no budget'
...till then....

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