Friday, March 30, 2012

National Zoo Trip.

This Zoo trip was meant for Azfar, which to expose him to the real animals life. All this while he only got to see all the animals either in the television or from his books. This trip was planned somewhere end of January but due to reasons that can't be avoided, we postponed it. So we went there on the second week of March...*Lawatan ke Zoo Negara merangkap cuti-cuti Kuala Lumpur*... We left the house about 10.30 am and the traffic on that day wasn't good enough all the way from Shah Alam to Jalan Ampang.

As we reached the parking entrance, I was actually very excited as compared to Azfar. En Zairin pun excited jugak sebab kami dah berpuluh taun tak pi. Last sekali masa tadika ka sekolah rendah ka pun tak ingat dah...huhuhu.
Ok let's start the journey and have fun.

Yoo..oo..oo friends, i'm at the Zoo.

Tuuut...tuuuttttt...tuuut.....tuutttt. Ok we have to take the train ride first. Ni pun kene bayar? RM3/dewasa....caittt. Dahla masuk pun kena bayar. Takpalah.

Of all the animals in the Zoo, Azfar love these the most...goats. Haihhh...kat kampung Puchong pun boleh dapat.

' such a huge animal.'

'Meet my new friend, Mr Tiger.'

Abang-abang, wait, let's be friend. I wanna join you running here and there.

'I am so exhausted'

Ok after spending about 3 hours at the Zoo, Azfar was so tired and he felt asleep right after we entered the car right to the hotel room.

*letih sungguh*

Later that night we had dinner at Wadi Hadramawt Restaurant Jalan Ampang, a Middle East Cuisine.

*Lamb Khabsa*

*Chicken Mandy*

*Mix Grilled Wadi Hadramawt*

*dengan pelahapnya Azfar makan...laparrrr*

The next day activity was swimming. It's a must for him to get into the pool before going home.

*Abah quick!*

Ok, for sure we will come again and visit all the animals but dunno whenla.

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