Thursday, March 29, 2012

Such a cute cake.

The last 2 weekends, Yon, my eldest sister wanted to do a small birthday party celebration for her eldest daughter, Nina. At first she said she would invite a few of Nina's close friends but at the very last moment she cancelled it because Nina's friends aren't around...*school break kan jadi ramai pergi jalan-jalan la* it end up with celebrating it with our family only and at the very last minute also, Angah, my second sister was thinking to celebrate her second son's, Eiman, birthday party which falls at the end of March,
so...2 in 1.... la.

At the same day also, Mak wanted to 'belanja makan' as what she had promised earlier if she got the BR1M money. The 'anak-anaks' suggest something light and to have it at home jer, either pizza or satay...mak wanted pizza and Yon suggested Papa John's pizza so we bought that. And I used this coupon to purchased....wah manyak jimat wooo......

Around 6pm the three of us went out to hunt for the birthday cake. Options that we have here is either Baker's Cottage, Secret Recipe or Baskin Robbins. First to Baker's Cottage, next to Secret Recipe...hmmmm.... the same flavour, design as always and nothing special on that day. Next to Baskin Robbins, and we were like so 'jakun' especially both of my sisters....hahahha...because that was our first time hunting for Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake, if ice-cream tuh biasalah kan. Upon looking at the fridge that was full with ice-cream cake, our eyes caught this one fancy cake at the same time and we were like...wah cute nyer...cute nyer....erkkk....control sikit ye.

Wait...there's a problem. There are only 6 cones but we have 7 kids at home.

Us: 'Can you add another cone in the middle with the same design?'
Shop assistant: 'Sorrylah kak tak boleh sebab kon-kon tuh dah melekat kuat.'
Us: 'Then maybe you just do separately and place it in another box.'
Shop assistant: 'Sorrylah kak designer dah balik. Akak boleh beli 1 kon extra aje tanpa designla.'
Us: Hurmmm...frustrated.

I said, don't worry because I don't think Azfar will berebut for the cones but thinking that he might and the chances for him to bertolak ansur is 0%, Ok2 let's not pening-pening kepala just get another 1 scoop of ice-cream...pandai-pandailah nanti kalau Azfar nak yang decorated nyer.

*Birthday girl and boy*

*Tuan Hj Mohammed Kamil's & Rabiah's grandchildren*

p/s: The next day, RM 70 goes down the drain as half of the cake melted due to no space in freezer to place the ice-cream cake. It was placed in the chiller only...owh...

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