Friday, December 24, 2010


Another choice of fast food variety especially to those who loves to eat fried chicken....kokkk kok kok kok....asyik2 KFC or at least McDonalds fried chicken.

Popeyes is another 'not-that-bad' choice. I juz tried it recently at Mid Valley outlet not sure where else do they have....ermmm if im not mistaken they have one in TTDI...(sori k coz i dah lama x hang out so xtau sgt ape yg latest, agak ketinggalan skrg nih).

The meal sets are almost the same like KFC, it's juz that Popeyes currently dont have much choice compared to the other one. The chicken tastes juz nice coz they marinateit well enough...but one thing for sure, I love the mashed potato n coleslaw...way much better than KFC. Not-so-close up pic.....yummyyyy.... it is also less oily.

Azfar only gets his tit bits while we enjoying the meal and he kept 'kacauing' us by try to pull wuteva is in front of him. (X aman ummi nk enjoy meal, abah Azfar plak dah menjilat-jilat jari).

Overall rate 8/10.....

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