Thursday, October 13, 2011

BaaChak! Creative

With BaaChak! Creative existance, i'm now an entrepreneur...hahaha really? Well hopefully with the diaper cakes/cupcakes collections kick start will lead me to be a well known online entrepreneur on babies/children stuffs (wah berangannye). I like cute and adorable things and all babies/children stuffs are cute, don't you think so?

How does BaaChak! Creative came up and you might be wondering what on earth is this thing called diaper cake/cupcakes. When i first heard about this, what came across my mind was the diaper with the 'poopoo' and 'weewee' being transformed into cakes??? EEuuuu....and i was imagining Azfar's 'poopoo' and not forgetting the strong smell that can kill a fly (sorry dear, ummi just can't keep that as a secret between us).

I was so eager to know more about this and one day as i browse around for the informations, fuhhh there you go, my jaw dropped and all i can say is diaper cakes are sooooooooo adorable, cute, unique, practical and stylish, fun and elegant, gorgeous, charming....and the list goes on and on. Then I started dreaming someone giving me diaper cake as a gift for Azfar (sapela yang nak bagi pulak and on what purpose?) . I was thinking and dreaming about it for few days and one fine day (somewhere in August), I thought of giving a try to make it using my own precious hands and make thing even better, there is going to be a new member of the family (on my husband's side) in few weeks time.

First attempt, there are a lot of try n error, adjust here and there and finally...taaadaaaa...

1st diaper cake (2-tier)~ baby Imran Qashfee

2nd diaper cake (1-tier) ~ baby Puteri Ayfaa

*front *

3rd diaper cake (3-tier) ~ baby Adam Haris

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