Friday, May 8, 2009

Soon-to-be Mrs Zairin Shah...

In less than a month....approximately 27 days from today.the time actually passed by like thunder..(thunder,thunder cat).
And right now im having this one kind of mixed up feeling which i myself couldn't figure out and i guess no one could eva help me, even my darling...arghhhh. (sabar azilawati..ingat Allah S.W.T byk2).
Yup Zairin Shah is the one for me. we were choosen to be together..till death do us part..wahwah.

1.On 26 Aug 07,we were introduced by Pae,she arranged a meeting without me knowing it.but lucky he knows how to tackled the situation and he actually managed to impressed me.

2. 2 months later, on 31 oct 2007 he proposed me to be his official gf. he brought me sumwhere for dinner so that he could propose me in a romantic way(he was actually trying his best to be a romantic man) but the process actually end up in front of my house...hahaha.

3. 4 months later, we were engaged.the decision was made within 2 weeks. a simple preparation was made and that was y i couldn't invite many of my frenz..sorry ya.

4. and now, counting the days to officially be Mrs Zairin Shah....yeehaaaa.....