Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Days to go......

my time is so packed with so many things to be done...very tiring but its a gud experience.
let's go thru my checklist:

1. andaman package ~ done(except for baju nikah)

2. videographer & photographer ~ done, to be followed up this weekend

3. canopy ~ done (YC Modular Tent ler)

4. foods ~ done

5. guests invitation -relatives ~done
-frens ~done but i believe i've missed out quite a number of my frens.

6.hantaran ~ done (except for his belt)

7. bedroom set ~ done (except for the bedsheet)

8.dikir (performers) ~ done

9.flower girls & boys ~ nieces & nephews

10.bridesmaid ~ done

11.souveniers ~ done (except for maintable)

12. 3 tier cake ~ done

13.honeymoon activities & bookings ~ done (thnx a lot to my darling..muahsmuahs)

14. all da 'remeh-temehs' ~ still in progress n it will not complete till the time comes

listed are juz part of things that all of us have prepared since Oct 08. there are a lot more.....

so to those who is getting married soon, lets say da most is 6 months from now, start ur work now. find the best for ur big day(once in the lifetime k) that u wont regret...till then

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  1. selamat pengantin baru...hehe selamat ade adver YC Modular Tent..tu yang penting!!