Saturday, April 18, 2009

Memoirs in Matriculation

My soon-to-be-brother in law a.k.a Firman Shah, has got a place in Matriculation College in Perak. Actually i was really hoping that he got a place in Malacca coz i was an ex-student in MMC(Malacca Matriculation College) Jul '99 ~ 1st batch ~ 'sains hayat'. Wow 10 years has passed since then

When i 1st went there, i wasn't that happy coz of the curfews & strict rules & reg. that they have for the students..(jd cm bdk nerd & skema g2).. on top of e'thing, have to manage myself by my own.i never go to boarding school before maaa so no experience on that.
But i have lost contact with many of them & not-so-keep in touch with few of them. My 1st semester roommate was Azrin,Suzilawati & Najmi. 2nd semester was Che Sab,Azza & Mar'ah & few frens that i still remember(yani, abby,farah,linie,kay,su,wana,alin).
My advice to Firman, mix around with everybody coz during my time there was a gap between science students & acctg students. Science students has been marked as 'sombong'.
Anyway all the best & study smart ~ dont let go the golden opportunity in pursuing ur studies.
Till then...


  1. Ok kak.I hope akan success dkt matrik nanti.Eh nanti klu bosan dok rumah,senang2 visit la visit Firman dkt Gopeng nanti ok.hahahaha
    btw bila cakap matrik stricts rules,huh mesti bosan je mcm boarding school.herm hadapi dengan sabar and tenang je la.anyway thanks for this valuable advice ya!!

    Firman Shah

  2. Hey,muka akak masa ni nampak nerd la....hahaha.just kidding.