Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hye there...

on the 29th May 2009 approx. at 8.30pm i became Mrs Zairin Shah with only sekali lafaz..alhamdulillah..syukur ke hadrat Ilahi.
My feelings? undescribable...Pae was beside me n i squeezed her hand as i couldnt control my nervous feeling at that time.

dh 2 minggu i bergelar isteri kpd Zairin Shah...ekekekek...
alhamdulillah...the wedding went on as planned eventho there was few unexpected things had happened...biasala tuh..small matter.

bytheway,there was a lot of guests attended our reception n the day b4 too.mula2 i takut gak kalo tetibe ramai yg x dpt dtg..yela kan sbb wedding nih time cuti sekolah.kalo time nih berduyun-duyun org kahwin..kadang2 tuh hr sab2 n ahad xyah masak pun xper.
we really enjoyed the day of being the 'Raja Sehari' n later in the evening we unwrappd all the presents with the help of my nephews n nieces..seronok dorg.

but the next day we got bullied by my family members to do all the cleaning n we were extremely exhausted. no wonder it was called 'Raja Sehari' coz we were only treated like the King n the Queen for only a day.

after all the cleaning,which end up around ermmm 11pm, we straight away shoot to Puchong(my in law's crib). when we arrived everyone has gone to bed. i started packing the luggage coz the next morning we are leaving for Australia(GC n Bris) for our honeymoon...hhehee...yeaaa honeymoon.i'll tell bout our honeymoon in my next blog 2gether with the photos k.

well as for now,im still enjoying my marriage leave n will be back to office on the 15th June after almost 3 weeks of leave..huhuhu...i hope there'll be no workloads waiting for me.

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  1. time to work, work, work my friend...hehe, aku dah resign :)