Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nasi Arab....Nasi Arab....

We, myself and En Zairin are kind of falling so much in love with Nasi Arab. All started when my ex-boss from my previous company, gave my colleague and I a lunch treat at Wadi Hadramawt Restaurant, Jalan Ampang. 

Not to say that, that was the 1st time me having Nasi Arab... I went to Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya and Al-Rawsha, Kampung Pandan before but that would be like once a year visit. 

Unlike this year, we have eaten Nasi Arab 4x. Twice at Wadi Hadramawt, Zam-zam Shah Alam once and Nasi Hadramawt Shah Alam once.

Worst experience was with Zam-Zam, it was not supposed to be called Nasi Arab but more to tasteless Nasi Minyak....*ok2 mungkin ada yang suka tapi tidak pada kami*

Portion makanan untuk seorang makan selalunya agak besar....biasalah orang arabkan. Tapi aku memang boleh habiskan sepinggan tuh tapi share ngan Azfar. Azfar pun makan dalam 3-4 sudu nasi jer.

Last visit to Wadi Hadramawt was somewhere in September...and I will never missed to order the Wadi Hadramawt Mix Grill.

Wadi Hadramawt Mix Grill - yummy

En Zairin memang order yang ada unsur-unsur ayam tapi akuuuu, kambing adalah wajib. Layannnnnn.......*lap air liur*

Chicken Mandy - En Zairin

Lamb Khabsa - myself

 Just giving a try for the desserts. So I don't really remember the name, baklava or whatever. So-so jerla.


Azfar - enjoying the drink.

Yang ni di Restoren Nasi Hadramawt, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. Dokek yo ngan ghumah den ha. Jalan kaki pun buleh. 

It is actually located in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, on the left side. Yup, in the same building. But one thing, this restaurant is quite empty most of the time, maybe because of the location which is quite secluded, or maybe because it is located in Concorde Hotel so people might think the price is ridiculously expensive....hahaha.
The entrance

Emmmm....what should I eat?

 The drinks are quite nice but I do think that they mix it with a little bit of milk, which I don't really prefer.

Honeydew & Orange Juice

Chicken? - En Zairinlah

 I can't really remember the name of my dish. But the lamb was juicy, soft, well marinated and comes in big portion too. I have to offer some to En Zairin and of course he was happy with my offer...kecil tapak tangan, pinggan saya tadahkan.

Mine - of course lamb

 Since the place was not crowded, Azfar seronok lari sana-sini.

Yes sir, what would u like to order...ecehhh.

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  1. *lap air liur sebelum komen*

    suke nasik arab gak!! kemaruk la sbenanye eversince try for the first time kat saba cyber! tapi blm try lagi wadi hadramawt padahal dkt je kt sek9 tu.. anyway, tq for sharing! psl entry ni la xtahan nk komen (silent reader)

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