Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Azfar's 2nd Birthday Celebration.

I buat kat Papa John's Shah Alam Mall on the 14 April 2012 from 3.30pm - 5.30pm. AMBOIII...bukan main lagi makan pizza. Well..well apa salahnya sekali sekala, lagipun I guna ni

hahaha...sedang elok la pun offer valid until 30 April 2012. Kalau tak sorila kita buat kat rumah jer. I invited close family members jer adalah about 18 adults (include 3 maids) and 14 kids aged 4 months - 13 years. Just a small celebration with a simple decorations by me (except the Papa John's balloons). The theme is supposed to be Thomas & Friends since birthday boy is so into it.

 So there was one huge Thomas the tank engine foil balloon that can lasts up to 2 weeks. Better be because this balloon is not cheap.

But I couldn't find any thomas partyware so I bought Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is also one of his favourite cartoon character.

This is the so-called candy buffet table which consists of blueberry & choc cupcakes, marshmallow & birthday cake. The actual plan is to include cheesecake in a cup...but...but tak larat nak buat and masa mencemburui I jadi kita lupakan aja.

The full view of my candy buffet table...ahaks.

Sebelum bermula, ada bacaan doa selamat oleh tok mi...Aaminnn mudan-mudahan Muhammad Azfar bin Zairin Shah membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya dunia & akhirat.

I love to see kids mixing around with each other and having fun to the max. So I have arranged few activities for them.

1. Colouring Contest - to complete the colouring of thomas the tank engine within 15 minutes. And they enjoyed it so much.
Winner : Hakeem & Zulaikha (bukan pemilihan secara profesional pun, pakai petik jer)

2. Pecah belon - setiap belon ada token. Siapa yang dapat token yang ada gambar thomas dapat hadiah. *birthday boy nak jugak*
Pemenang : Nina

3. Cari token bawah kerusi & meja ( tak sempat ambik gambar)
Pemenang : Qistina

Ok now let's sing birthday song to the birthday boy...*Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to Azfar...Happy Birthday to you*

* Everyone has stop singing already Azfar *

* Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins *


Enjoy the rest of the photos.

* 2011 babies *

Ok, million thanx to my beloved families for celebrating Muhammad Azfar's 2nd Birthday.

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