Monday, January 30, 2012

I am 31......

On 28th January 2012 and when the clock striked at 7.19 pm, Alhamdulillah Allah SWT allow me to live for 31 years in this world. How fast the time flies and I still have plenty of goals and ambitions to be achieved in this life. I am upgrading myself and struggling to be a true & perfect Muslimah, a solehah wife to my husband, a good mother and friend to my children, a daughter & daughter-in-law that can give happiness to both my parents & parents-in-law, a reliable sister to my siblings, a person who can bring pleasure to all the family members, a person who appreciates friendship and a muslimah who wish to contribute back to the society on one fine day, InsyaALLAH.

A weekend vacation at a nearby place was really rejuvenating....

.....with great companions.


  1. Happy Birthday again Bong! Nanti I nak blog about your diaper cake lah. But need more quality photos to attract more orders :)

    1. You are welcome to do so. Part of marketing...hahaha. The most quality photos that I have are the one that can be seen at the side of my blog.