Monday, January 9, 2012

Honeymoon Flashback Part 3

Ok let's continue.

Day 4: The Wax Museum, Habour Town & Q Deck Tower.

Habour Town was on the 'Places-to-go List' but when we were on our morning drive around the neighbourhood, we passed by this place named The Wax Museum...ermmm and I was thinking macam Madame Tussauds London ka? If yes than it would be great, but at the same time I was wondering why it isn't listed as one of the places-you-must-go...nevermind forget about it and lets start the tour. The place is quite small and as we entered I can see there were 1 family of 4 and a couple of 'warga emas' queueing to buy the ticket. After I have bought the ticket, the ticketman gathered us in 1 group and he explained a little bit about the tour and that he will be guided us throughout the tour...ok lets have fun...#%^&*%$&...perghhh...funlah sangat, boring ok and I advise you not to go to this place, such a waste of money,time & energy aje.

1. I'm saying hi to Albert Einstein.
2. Mahatma Gandhi terkejut tgk diri sendiri masa muda2...
Before we head to our next destination, we need to take our lunch first as our stomach has already making funny sounds. We ordered fried rice from Maharani as that was the cheapest meal...* as I mentioned earlier, it opens only at 5 pm but in our case we called the owner earlier and ask if he could take our order for lunch (take-away) and with full of sympathy he agreed....yeayyyy.
1. Waiting for the food. See the restaurant is empty.
2. Myself enjoying lunch by the beach. En Zairin's meal gone in one second and still not enough for him, so dengan baik hati I bagi separuh nasi goreng I....huhuuhuhu....ikhlas la.
3. Termenung jauh nampak. 'Banyak duit aku keluar dah ni'.....kata En Zairin kot.

Next is to Habour Town. This is a one stop center for you to shop at a bargain price (the website said so). The journey took us about half an hour to reach there and we were depending on the map only, very easy,no GPRS. Don't be scared to drive by yourself here, all you need is just the map and if you think you are lost, then stop by and ask the people around you. What you need to worry is, while driving you must be extra careful of the pedestrians when they are crossing the road unlike in Malaysia kena pandang kiri kanan,pandang lagi kiri kanan belum sempat habis lintas tiba-tiba ada satu kereta dengan lajunya dah nak dekat, maka kita pun lari-lari itik...fuhhh berdebar-debar jantung nasib baik sempat. Bila dah selamat lintas kita pun sumpah-seranah driver tadi.

Quite a big place. So we straight away go to the information counter and grabbed a map and study. Wehuuuu let's start shopping...'Say again?'said En Zairin....ooppsssss let's start WINDOW SHOPPING. Shopping on personal items was not in En Zairin's List of Budget, so I stopped myself dreaming carrying lots of shopping bags but I managed to buat muka kesian and he got me a Levi's jeans...jadilah. We only shop for souveniers for both of our families and friends.
And also posing in front of the shops.
And bought some fruits. All the fruits looked so tempting, fresh and big in size. We freshen up ourselves at Kofte Burger Restaurant, one of the Halal Restaurant available here or maybe the only one.
Ok before we went back to the hotel to recharge our energy for tomorrow, we drive further up from our place to see the other side of the nieghbourhood.
Selepas ronda-ronda tiba-tiba En Zairin sebut pasal Q1 Deck Tower....*apekebendenye tuh*..... Tower ni is just opposite to our hotel and it is similiar to KL Tower where you can see the panoramic view from the top and there is a Restaurant/Cafe for you to have a romantic dinner or just to have a cuppa coffee. 'Nak pergi tak?' En Zairin tanya. 'Boleh je, dah alang-alang berjalan biar sampai lebam. Lagi pun tak tau entah bila nak sampai lagi kat sini.'
So we parked the car at the hotel and we walked to the place. When we were at the entrance, we saw this one huge 4WD and we were so amazed because it was extraordinary HUGE.
Left - Right:
1. Myself was hardly to be seen. Kena cari betul-betul.
2. But En Zairin is almost the size of this huge thing...ahaks.
Ok we bought the ticket and here we go. We were being assist up to the top. If I'm not mistaken, it is a 80-storey building and it took around 5-8 seconds..*can't really remember*... to the top. Wallawey...laju nyer. Agak gayat tapi bila turun lagi terasa gayatnye...hahaha....*kalau la terputus tali kabel, mau terbenam dalam tanah*...Boleh pulak fikir camtuh.
Enjoy the view.
1. Masa sampai dah nak dekat maghrib, jadi dapatlah tengok siang dan malam nye view.

Day 5 : Aquaduck, Infinity & to Brisbane

An activity just to spare your time. An 1 hour++ tour that takes you around the Gold Coast city.
This Infinity is a must-try-activity. Damn cool. You will be in candy land, haunted house, in a jungle, in a maze and many more.
Before we make a move to Brisbane we went for a walk at the Surfer's Paradise and was so 'jakun' to see Gen-2 and Satria Neo....hahaha.

Ok, all set to our next destination, Brisbane city. I proposed to En Zairin that we take the hardier way of transportion instead of calling the coachtrans from the room then wait at the hotel lobby while sitting on the comfortable sofa, having someone to carry your luggages and send you to the hotel doorstep.
So we took public bus from the city to the Nehrang Train Station and from there it took us about 2 hours to reach the Brisbane Transit Center. From there we ask for the direction to the Watermark Hotel and according to the kind man it was just nearby about 1 - 2 km away but with the big luggages and the hilly road we might find it exhausting. I told En Zairin, let's give a try because walking in a cold weather can be very relaxing. Yup, very 'relaxing' and I regretted so much for not taking the taxi. We was like climbing a steep hill all the way up in a very cold weather (it was already dark that time) and a shaky knees that makes my movement to be very slow. I was so relieved when we reached the hotel doorstep. Fuhhh..... Alhamdulillah.
Time to relax and have a good sleep for our tomorrow's activity.

p/s: Next entry would be on Brisbane City tour, River Cruise, Lone Pine Sanctuary, Honeyworld, Byron Bay, Tropical Fruit Farm & time to say goodbye.

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