Friday, December 30, 2011

Honeymoon Flashback Part 2

Continuation from my previous entry.

Day 2 :
We got up early and when for a morning walk at the beach a.k.a Surfer's Paradise. Not many people over there, even the town was so peaceful and I wonder at what time do they go to work....hmm nevermind, forget about that. Ok matahari kat sini memang terik ye, pagi-pagi dah tersengih-sengih. Walaupun begitu cuaca dia amatlah sejuk, menggigil-gigil di bawah panas terik matahari. Sesuatu yang tak mungkin terjadi jika anda di Malaysia ye...ahaks.
Ok now is the time to take our rented car which the deal has been done a day before. For your info,there are few car rental services and if you are 'rajin' enough to survey from one shop to one shop, you are welcome to do so. But as for us after one or two shops, then we decided to rent from a shop which is located as the same row with Maharani Malaysian Seafood Restaurant. Choices are from compact, sedan, mpv or suv. Price...not much different from each other.
Ehem..ehem. "Dahla Azilawati oiii, ekau jangan nak beranganlah sewo keto tuh",said En Zairin...."Eh, bukan ni ke. Kata sayang dan apa saja untukmu.Baru 2 hari kahwin dah mungkir janji..erkkk, merajuk kejapla".
Hehehe...xde pun adegan merajuk2 tuh, melampau la pulak kan. Jadi inilah kereta yang disewa.
Ok now let's have fun.In Gold Coast itself they have plenty of theme parks such as Dreamworld, Seaworld, Warner Brothers Movie World, Wet & Wild Water World & Whitewater World. After discussing, we decided to go to Movie World & Sea World only...*please bear in mind that for you to really enjoy every moment, you need to spend 1 whole day at each of the theme parks.Budget yang En Zairin keluarkan hanya untuk 7 hari aje ye bukan sebulan, kalo nak lebih dari itu, tido atas pasir pantai je la....* and the Theme Parks Super Pass can be purchased from the hotel concierge service..very the easy peasy.

Warner Brothers Movie World (click here for more details)
They have the shows & performances schedule. You can choose the one that you are interested most. Anyway at Movie World they have this one HALAL Restaurant buffet-style..*but i can't remember the name*... and Musollah.

Day 3 :
Sea World (click here for more details)
As usual, we started the day with having breakfast at Ali Baba's Kebab, tapau 2 sets of kebab for us to survive till 5pm because there was no information about any HALAL restaurant in Sea World. Unfortunately, no outside foods or drinks are allowed....*nak curik-curik bawa takut sebab negara orang kan, lagipun kalo kena rampas rugi woooo*..... so those kebabs that we bought in the morning was our dinner for that night and can you imagine the look....a lil bit watery...hahaha....belasah jer asal kenyang.

p/s: More stories on day 4,5 and 6 on the next entry.

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