Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Honeymoon Flashback Part 1

Seeing everyone going for holidays all over the places during this longgg school break, reminds me of our honeymoon trip to Brisbane & Gold Coast, Australia which was like 2 and half years back. My first international trip was to Busan & Seoul, Korea which was with my 9th College, Universiti Malaya, Art & Cultural Group. As to compared these 2 countries, for me Australia is way much better and interesting in terms of the community, cleanliness and the culture...hahaha. Well that's my own personal opinion, different people might have their own experience so don't get emotional with my honest statement.

Our honeymoon was fully sponsored and well planned from A-Z by ...... En Zairin Shah a.k.a my husband of coz. It was a 8days and 7 nights trip....weeehuuuu....honeymoon sakan. Thank youlah Mr Husband.
We flew with Malaysia Airlines Boeing Triple 7...........*betapa En Zairin mengutamakan keselesaan ye...no Air Asia...hahahaha* and the plane took off at 9 am on Monday, which was a day after our reception. The total of 8 hours plus about an hour transit at Sydney journey was fulfilled by us with sleeping (most of the time coz we are sooo exhausted), watching and listening to our favourite movies and musics (got individual screen in front of the seat) and chit chatting with the passenger beside me who is from Sarawak.

Upon Arrival:
I was so happy and excited as the plane touched down at Brisbane Airport. Keluar je airport terus hembus-hembus nafas...haaaahaaaa....keluar asap, agak jakun sikit ye sebab selama ni tengok cite omputih cakap-cakap keluar asap cam best jer kan. Ok while waiting for the
coach, ape lagi tangkap gambar la but for me to posing maut tak dapekla because that time it was winter season and the temperature was like 11c - 20c . Ala not even negative celcius pun. Yup i know, but i've been brought up and live in Malaysia's hot and humid weather for 29 years. So i'm relying on my jacket and En Zairin to provide me with heat..owh baru-baru kawen dan peluk2 dalam cuaca sejuk memang best..hehehee. En Zairin has got no problem because his lapisan lemak yang tebal dari I and bulu-bulu yang lebat sangat membantu wokey.

Hopped on the coach and here we come Gold Coast. We really enjoyed the night view all along the way which makes the 1 hour journey exciting. After checking-in at Watermark Hotel & Spa, we shoot to our room and Zzzzzzzzz soundly till the next morning opss almost noon actually...*full energy needed for us to start our vacation*.

Day 1:
We purposedly wake up at 10am, it was noon already as we didn't plan to do much activities. What we did was walking through out the streets to get used to it...*not tiring at all because the weather is cold*, study the map, survey for the best car rental deal, window shopping...*window shopping jer? A'ah cukup la tuh, harga bukannye murah gile2 pun dan En Zairin x layan shopping2 ni, maaf ye katenye* ..., checking on any other halal restaurants other than Maharani Malaysian Seafood Restaurant that was found in website. This Maharani restaurant only opens at 5pm...puffff....and we are depending on Ali Baba's Kebab during the day...*bolehla kebab dia big portion pun*.
Dah penat jalan balik hotel dulu, sempat tido kejap bangun-bangun dah pukul 6pm dan kat luar dah gelap. Siap cepat-cepat and terus pergi Maharani....nak makanan Malaysia jugak...aduhai, baru sehari ada kat Aussie dah rinduuu tapi bila ada kat Malaysia sibuk cari western foodlah konon...aishhhh. The restaurant space is quite small and it was almost fully occupied when we arrive because there was reservation for this one rombongan group from Malaysia also. But we managed to squeezed in as it was only the two of us....hehheheee..... Ok now let's see the menu, ermmm not bad, the standard Malaysian foods la...and i feel like ordering this and that but after seeing the prices...wallaaaaa....we exchanged look and En Zairin's face expression was like trying to say 'Tolongla jangan order banyak2, kopak saya'. Ok2 saya order satu menu jer ye sayang, Cantonnese fried kuey teow for me and nasi ayam for En Zairin, for drinks plain water and 1 teh tarik , itu macam punya order convert duit kita adalah RM 100 hengget....waaaa hargailah setiap butir nasi yang dimakan selama melancong ke o-be-se ye. Sila layan gambar....
* Waktu-waktu solat di Gold Coast.
* Ali Baba's Kebab Restaurant kesayangan kami.
* Asyik poyo En Zairin jalan2 di Gold Coast
* View dari bilik hotel
* Aksi poyo I kat lobby hotel

* Ini lah Maharani Malaysian Seafood Restaurant
* Pasangan baru kawen jalan2 and posing2 tangkap gambar

P/S: Another true story behind these stories is, I had fever, that came with a package of shivering and headache....pufffff....gagahkan jua diri ini untuk.... Kita Enjoyyyyy!!!
P/S: En Zairin, bila agaknye kita akan pergi lagi...hhaahahah.

Ok to be continued in Part 2.

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