Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something is missing...

Lately, when i woke up every morning, the 'something is missing' feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Im trying to figure out what is the 'something'. So i've listed what i have in life.

What I have.
1. I have Allah SWT.
2. I have sunnah Rasulullah SAW & Al-Quran as my guidance.
3. I have parents & parents in law who are very caring.
4. I have a husband who is lovely (not so romantic, a lil bit maybe) and responsible.
5. I have a son who brings joy to my life.
6. I have siblings who i can rely on.
7. I have a car which can take me from 1 destination to other destination.
8. I have a job which i don't really enjoy doing it...(salary? i need more than wut im earning now)..*wink*...
9. I have friends who can cheer up my life.

Errmmmm....can anyone help me to figure out what is missing?

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