Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm a western food lover. I juz love italian food so much. One of my favourite is lasagna, top with chicken gravy, accompanied by coleslaw & mashed potato.....oooooo sedapnyeeee. The one & only place that i like to enjoy my lasagna is at Dave's Deli Restaurant. I have been eating at this place since form 3 and that was like 15 years back and the taste still remain the same. I have tried many other places but Dave's Deli's lasagna is still the best.... unfortunately the one in Subang Parade has been closed or it has been relocated, not so sure about that. So to fulfill my cravingness i have decided to bake my own lasagna using my own recipe....simple n easy.

Ingredients for the filling are garlic, yellow onion, minced beef/chicken, chillie paste, tomato puree, tomato sauce, sliced button mushroom, diced carrot & celery (optional), some water, some herbs (oregano & bay leaves) and salt. Layered using lasagna sheets.

Covered with bechamel sauce. Ingredients are butter, fresh milk, flour and salt. Then i topped with grated cheddar & parmesan cheese. Sprinkle a little bit of oregano flakes. (optional)

Then bake till the lasagna sheet becomes soft and the topping becomes golden brown.

It should look something like this or better. This one i ate with the chicken gravy.

Not enough on madness-for-lasagna, my *gatal-punye-tekak* wanted to eat spaghetti. And instead of using the same recipe, i started to search for the delicious yet simple recipe and i found this blog, . This particular blog is juz perfect for me, 1001 western recipes in it.I tried the spaghetti bolognese meatball recipe, simple but does not really fit my taste.

This is how it looks. The meatballs are not so bad but for the spaghetti sauce, i prefer my own version.

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