Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hye Again..

It's good to be back on track again as i've been ignoring my blog for the past 2 months ..i guess. I came back with a new pregnantttt...hehehe..Alhamdulillah syukur.
Still in 1st trimester n going to b in 2nd trimester in 2 weeks time..cant wait to see the baby growing inside my tummy during the next check-up. So far my baby bump is not that obvious but my colleagues do say that they have started seeing the different now.
As for me, i dont really experience any bad morning sickness but i got eczema(skin prob) due to hormonal changes. im quite worried as i dont want my child to inherit the skin prob. According to my dermathologist, this eczema will heal when the baby is born n the chances for the baby to get it is quite low..ku bertawakal dan berserah pada yg Esa.
Another thing is about my low-lying placenta. i didnt know that it is something that need an extra attention until i told my colleagues n my mum in law. They told me not to do heavy work, less walking, less standing for a long time n bla bla bla...becoz it can be dangerous if it starts to bleed..wah it makes me so worried. But my hubby has been very supportive in helping me to face this situation.
Then i started to look for articles from the web. i was quite relieve after reading the explanation from the expertise. it says " it's normal to have a low-lying placenta until the 24 or 26 weeks of pregnancy. In normal cases, as the baby grow, the placenta will automatically be at its normal spot. Only 5% or 1 in every 200 mother-to-be will have the placenta at the same low spot. At this stage, which is in 3rd trimester, the mother must be monitored by the doctor which require her to be admitted to the hospital 2-3 months earlier and no chance to have a normal delivery...ouchhh.
My parents in law has arraged a solat hajat bout 2 weeks ago praying for everything will be ok..usaha dan tawakal. 1st week of november will be my next check-up n i cant wait to know the progress..Till then..

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